March Roster

March Roster

I’m coming to the end of my 2 week annual leave block and I actually cannot wait to get back to the skies! I was lucky enough to be off work when the awful ‘Beast from the East’ hit the UK but it did keep me indoors more than I would have liked to be – but I suppose it’s been good to let my body catch up on sleep and have a bit of normality for a while. I am SO ready for some sun though, which is good because March looks like it will be full of it!

This month I bid for Doha (again) and Venice nightstops – I wasn’t too fussed on where I went this, I just fancied somewhere new!

So, where am I going??

I start and end March in the same place – Tel Aviv. This was my bid for February, so I guess they thought I must have liked it – which I did! Some people hate this trip as the flights can be very full and challenging, but I must have been lucky as my last trip there wasn’t too bad! I’m looking forward to a lovely long walk down the beach again, some more amazing food and hopefully a trip to Jerusalem on the second trip at the end of the month!

After my first Tel Aviv trip, I head straight over to Abuja – a new destination for me to tick off. We aren’t allowed out of the hotel here so I will be sampling the gym and hotel room service here! I may try a little sunbathing – however, I already know that my poor English skin doesn’t cope well in the African sun and we have to wear strong mosquito repellent due to the bugs there, so I might just look at the sun through my window!

I wouldn’t be an A380 crew member without a trip to Johannesburg would I?! I am really looking forward to being back in South Africa this time – with a month of no trips here, it’s made me re-appreciate (is that a word!?) just how lucky we are to have this destination! Another reason I am so looking forward to this trip is because I can finally run my first international parkrun! I have been waiting for a trip with Saturday morning of in Jo’burg so I can go and run the Lone Hill course and now I finally can! Not holding out for any PB’s as I think my body will be in shock running in 30 degree heat after the freezing cold UK runs I have been doing recently!

I then have a block of 3 x Available Days, which usually change at 7pm the night before the first day. I’m hoping to get a trip across the pond to the US as I could do with stocking up on some American skincare, culture and food of course! Keep an eye on my instagram to find out where I end up.

My final trip of the month should have been my top bid – Doha! However, in the news, it looks like the airline has cancelled all it’s flights to Qatar from the 25th March – my trip was the 27th, boo! It is still on my roster  and I haven’t heard any official word yet, but I’m not holding my breath and won’t be surprised if it gets changed closer to the time. The good news is that it looks like the flights could be reinstated from July so fingers crossed that I can bid for it again in the Summer months! Again – keep an eye on my instagram page to find out where I end up.

All in all, a sun filled March and a few surprises! If you have anything you think I must do in any of these destinations then please do let me know! As always, roster questions will always be answered the best I can! Have a wonderful March wherever you are in the world!


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