April Roster

April Roster

Hello everyone!

I hope your all had a lovely Easter, wherever you are/were in the world!

Work/life has been so busy recently that I’ve been a bit rubbish with my posts – I have so much to write that I just need a couple of days to sit down and get it all written up! But I promise I will get back to the weekly posts from now on!

So we’re already into April but I haven’t had my first trip yet – it’s a busy month for me with 4 new destinations so here’s where I’m jetting off to!

This month I bid for weekends off (and I have two whole weekends off!) long haul trips and a buddy bid to fly with my friend, which unfortunately didn’t happen but I’m pretty happy with the roster I do have!

So, this evening I’m off to my first new destination, Boston! The timings of the flights mean that I get a whole day and 2 local nights in Boston and I can’t wait to go and explore, even if the weather is not much better than the UK!

I’m then heading back to Bangkok which I can’t wait for! Last time I was there I packed in as much as I could because I wasn’t sure when I would next get to visit so I think I’ll take this trip a bit slower! I definitely will go for a Thai massage and I’m also looking into perhaps doing a half day Thai cooking class too! Let me know if you have any other recommendations for cool and quirky things to do in Bangkok!

My second and third destinations are part of a Eurotour in which I have afternoons in Prague and Budapest – I have a good amount of time in both of these cities, arriving around midday/1pm and not leaving until the next morning on both days! I have been to Prague before about 10 years ago so I can’t really remember too much but I’m looking forward to exploring both European cities on this tour!

My fourth and final new destination this month is Atlanta! My boyfriend spent a weekend here when he lived in America and loved the city (he’s very jealous that I’m going) so I can’t wait to explore! The only thing I have planned is visiting Coca-Cola World but apart from that I think I’ll just wander round and explore the city on foot!

I finish the month with 2 Available Days (which could change to anything!) and a Team Day at the company head quarters – I haven’t met any of my team yet apart from my manager so it will be nice to finally meet everyone!

April also sees me (hopefully) complete my Charity Abseil for Flying Start! There’s still time to sponsor me and you can find the link to do so in one of my previous blogs! If not, feel free to drop me a message and I can send you the link to the sponsorship page.

Have a lovely month everyone, let’s hope we see some sunshine soon!

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