August Roster

August Roster

Hello everyone! Long time…

So I didn’t end up doing a July Roster post as my roster was actually all over the place – it changed more time than you heard ‘It’s coming home!’ (too soon?) I did have some of the best trips in my flying career so far tho – I was lucky enough to visit the Bahamas for 6 days aswell as Los Angeles for 3 days and had brilliant crew and unforgettable experiences! It made me remember that although it’s hard work, we are so lucky to do the job that we do!

Anyway we are well into August now so I guess it’s time for an August Roster update – this ones pretty short as I technically only fly once in August!

So.. I start the month with two days in the training centre doing my nerve wracking annual exams, also known as Reccurent! It’s a legal requirement to go in every year and resit both practical and theoretical exams that we did in our initial training. These exams include dealing with a fire onboard, opening an aircraft door in an emergency, dealing with medical situations and general exams about each specific aircraft that we are trained on. So there’s lots to refresh my memory on and I’ve used this weekend to do some revision. Fingers crossed I pass and am legal to fly for another year!

After my recurrent exams, I’m straight back in to finally get trained on the Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’! If you follow me on Instagram then you will see that I was rostered to have this training at the beginning of June but some clever person broke the training door so it unfortunately got cancelled and I ended up in rainy Chicago instead! So now I’ve finally been recoursed and I’m excited to get it done now!

After my trainings I pretty much have 2 weeks ‘off’. I say ‘off’ because it’s technically is not off work! In the UK, cabin crew cannot legally fly over 900 hours in a year to protect our health and I have got to about 880 hours so far and I am only just going into my 12th month of flying. What happens then, I hear you ask?! Well we get rostered what’s called ‘900 hour days’ where no flying duty is rostered but these can change up to 48 hours before if you are needed to fly or even work on the ground! If they do not change by 48 hours before, then they end up being a day off! So I could have 2 weeks off, but I might not.. who knows!

Next up on the roster are my 2 days in head office full of meetings for my newest role as an ‘Our Voice’ representative. Again, if you follow me on Instagram, I was asking my colleagues to vote me into the role – which they did successfully so if that was you then a big thank you from me! The Our Voice team is made up of 11 representatives who all fly and want to make positive changes to the crew lifestyle within the company. It’s a big responsibility to meet with senior management every month and we work hard to try and solve problems and come up with new ideas to improve life for everyone.

After this, Guy and I are then heading up North for a wedding over bank holiday weekend so I have 3 days of Annual Leave booked for that and I can’t wait! We love a good wedding haha!

Then it’s finally time to get back on a plane ha!

I end the month with our fleets longest trip and my first time on it too! This is of course our 9 day trip to Singapore and Sydney – the trip goes like this.. LHR-SIN-SYD-SIN-LHR so we visit Singapore twice and annoyingly only have about 30 hours in Sydney (not enough to explore it all in my opinion!) However, I am so excited to finally get to do this trip as I have always wanted to visit Australia and it gives me the chance to potentially catch up with my friend Amy who now lives in Singapore! I will document it all on my Instagram stories so look out for that!

So that was a pretty long post for a relatively quiet month – if you’re still with me then thanks for reading this far!

As always, if you have any recommendations or questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a message!

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