September Roster

September Roster

Hello everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the summer! It seems like everyone is getting back into the swing of things this month, with kids going back to school and parents resuming normal hours at work. Meanwhile, the aviation world churns out flight and flight as always, bringing back people from their summer holidays and taking people all over the world, for whatever reason!

September is actually a crazy month for me and especially my body clock!

Let me tell you why…

I came back from my trip to Sydney via Singapore a few days ago and have slowly gotten over the crazy jet lag that comes with that trip! (3 night flights, 2 different time zones and thousands of miles around the other side of the world is enough to tire anyone out!)

Tonight’s trip is a trip of firsts! It’s my first trip of September, my first time flying on the 787 ‘Dreamliner’ and my first time to Muscat! I’m really looking forward to experiencing the 787 for the first time and also looking forward to relaxing by the pool (in the shade of course! #palegirlproblems)

There are different trip lengths for Muscat, ranging from 3-5 days from what I can see on the system, but I only have a 3 day trip this time. That means that I will arrive tomorrow morning, have the whole day there and then depart early the next morning. It’s not really much time to do anything so I think I will just let me body and my bank balance recover in the sun for the day 🙂

I’m then heading back to Chicago for the second time, but this time it’s actually planned! Last time I was there, I was meant to be doing my 787 aircraft training instead of flying, but that got cancelled, so I ended up in Chicago and not in the best of moods! The weather was also a bit rubbish last time too so I just got breakfast and walked around a bit. This time I’m determined to see the ‘Bean’ and visit the Nutella cafe! Hopefully the weather will be nicer too.

The day after I return from Chicago, my Annual Leave starts, woohoo! I’ve been on some city breaks and adventures but haven’t had a ‘proper’ summer holiday this year so I’m so excited to have 12 days off! Guy and I have booked to go to Hong Kong because I didn’t want to go anywhere that I fly to with work but he has never gone to the Far East so we figured that Hong Kong was perfect! We have been looking at stuff to do there and have a list of things including hikes, boat trips and a day at Disneyland of course! (Much to Guy’s reluctance haha!) We are also going to head to Macau for a night which looks pretty cool!

If you’ve been to Hong Kong or Macau, I would love to hear your favourite things to do there, especially some of the different and quirky stuff!

When I get back from Hong Kong I go straight into my ground days for Our Voice and we’ve got some exciting meetings and activities planned this month – I can’t say much more than that tho!

I end the month with another new destination and my second time on the 787 and finally getting to go to Calgary! I was rostered a trip to Calgary at then end of June, but as my 787 training got cancelled, I had to be taken off the trip unfortunately! I’m so looking forward to this trip as it’s the last chance I will be able to visit Calgary for a while, as the flights are being dropped for the winter. The main reasons I wanted to visit Calgary was because I’ve never been to Canada before and I really want to take a trip to see the stunning Lake Louise! (If you’ve never heard of Lake Louise then make sure you Google pictures of it, it’s stunning!) I hope there will be other people on my crew that also want to come with me!

So there it is – a busy but very exciting month! Head on over to my Instagram to see what I get up to on my trips and please do let me know if any recommendations as always!

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