September Roster

September Roster

Hello everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the summer! It seems like everyone is getting back into the swing of things this month, with kids going back to school and parents resuming normal hours at work. Meanwhile, the aviation world churns out flight and flight as always, bringing back people from their summer holidays and taking people all over the world, for whatever reason!

September is actually a crazy month for me and especially my body clock!

Let me tell you why…

I came back from my trip to Sydney via Singapore a few days ago and have slowly gotten over the crazy jet lag that comes with that trip! (3 night flights, 2 different time zones and thousands of miles around the other side of the world is enough to tire anyone out!)

Tonight’s trip is a trip of firsts! It’s my first trip of September, my first time flying on the 787 ‘Dreamliner’ and my first time to Muscat! I’m really looking forward to experiencing the 787 for the first time and also looking forward to relaxing by the pool (in the shade of course! #palegirlproblems)

There are different trip lengths for Muscat, ranging from 3-5 days from what I can see on the system, but I only have a 3 day trip this time. That means that I will arrive tomorrow morning, have the whole day there and then depart early the next morning. It’s not really much time to do anything so I think I will just let me body and my bank balance recover in the sun for the day 🙂

I’m then heading back to Chicago for the second time, but this time it’s actually planned! Last time I was there, I was meant to be doing my 787 aircraft training instead of flying, but that got cancelled, so I ended up in Chicago and not in the best of moods! The weather was also a bit rubbish last time too so I just got breakfast and walked around a bit. This time I’m determined to see the ‘Bean’ and visit the Nutella cafe! Hopefully the weather will be nicer too.

The day after I return from Chicago, my Annual Leave starts, woohoo! I’ve been on some city breaks and adventures but haven’t had a ‘proper’ summer holiday this year so I’m so excited to have 12 days off! Guy and I have booked to go to Hong Kong because I didn’t want to go anywhere that I fly to with work but he has never gone to the Far East so we figured that Hong Kong was perfect! We have been looking at stuff to do there and have a list of things including hikes, boat trips and a day at Disneyland of course! (Much to Guy’s reluctance haha!) We are also going to head to Macau for a night which looks pretty cool!

If you’ve been to Hong Kong or Macau, I would love to hear your favourite things to do there, especially some of the different and quirky stuff!

When I get back from Hong Kong I go straight into my ground days for Our Voice and we’ve got some exciting meetings and activities planned this month – I can’t say much more than that tho!

I end the month with another new destination and my second time on the 787 and finally getting to go to Calgary! I was rostered a trip to Calgary at then end of June, but as my 787 training got cancelled, I had to be taken off the trip unfortunately! I’m so looking forward to this trip as it’s the last chance I will be able to visit Calgary for a while, as the flights are being dropped for the winter. The main reasons I wanted to visit Calgary was because I’ve never been to Canada before and I really want to take a trip to see the stunning Lake Louise! (If you’ve never heard of Lake Louise then make sure you Google pictures of it, it’s stunning!) I hope there will be other people on my crew that also want to come with me!

So there it is – a busy but very exciting month! Head on over to my Instagram to see what I get up to on my trips and please do let me know if any recommendations as always!

August Roster

August Roster

Hello everyone! Long time…

So I didn’t end up doing a July Roster post as my roster was actually all over the place – it changed more time than you heard ‘It’s coming home!’ (too soon?) I did have some of the best trips in my flying career so far tho – I was lucky enough to visit the Bahamas for 6 days aswell as Los Angeles for 3 days and had brilliant crew and unforgettable experiences! It made me remember that although it’s hard work, we are so lucky to do the job that we do!

Anyway we are well into August now so I guess it’s time for an August Roster update – this ones pretty short as I technically only fly once in August!

So.. I start the month with two days in the training centre doing my nerve wracking annual exams, also known as Reccurent! It’s a legal requirement to go in every year and resit both practical and theoretical exams that we did in our initial training. These exams include dealing with a fire onboard, opening an aircraft door in an emergency, dealing with medical situations and general exams about each specific aircraft that we are trained on. So there’s lots to refresh my memory on and I’ve used this weekend to do some revision. Fingers crossed I pass and am legal to fly for another year!

After my recurrent exams, I’m straight back in to finally get trained on the Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’! If you follow me on Instagram then you will see that I was rostered to have this training at the beginning of June but some clever person broke the training door so it unfortunately got cancelled and I ended up in rainy Chicago instead! So now I’ve finally been recoursed and I’m excited to get it done now!

After my trainings I pretty much have 2 weeks ‘off’. I say ‘off’ because it’s technically is not off work! In the UK, cabin crew cannot legally fly over 900 hours in a year to protect our health and I have got to about 880 hours so far and I am only just going into my 12th month of flying. What happens then, I hear you ask?! Well we get rostered what’s called ‘900 hour days’ where no flying duty is rostered but these can change up to 48 hours before if you are needed to fly or even work on the ground! If they do not change by 48 hours before, then they end up being a day off! So I could have 2 weeks off, but I might not.. who knows!

Next up on the roster are my 2 days in head office full of meetings for my newest role as an ‘Our Voice’ representative. Again, if you follow me on Instagram, I was asking my colleagues to vote me into the role – which they did successfully so if that was you then a big thank you from me! The Our Voice team is made up of 11 representatives who all fly and want to make positive changes to the crew lifestyle within the company. It’s a big responsibility to meet with senior management every month and we work hard to try and solve problems and come up with new ideas to improve life for everyone.

After this, Guy and I are then heading up North for a wedding over bank holiday weekend so I have 3 days of Annual Leave booked for that and I can’t wait! We love a good wedding haha!

Then it’s finally time to get back on a plane ha!

I end the month with our fleets longest trip and my first time on it too! This is of course our 9 day trip to Singapore and Sydney – the trip goes like this.. LHR-SIN-SYD-SIN-LHR so we visit Singapore twice and annoyingly only have about 30 hours in Sydney (not enough to explore it all in my opinion!) However, I am so excited to finally get to do this trip as I have always wanted to visit Australia and it gives me the chance to potentially catch up with my friend Amy who now lives in Singapore! I will document it all on my Instagram stories so look out for that!

So that was a pretty long post for a relatively quiet month – if you’re still with me then thanks for reading this far!

As always, if you have any recommendations or questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a message!

June Roster

June Roster

Don’t panic but we are half way through the year people! We’re going to blink and it will be Mariah and Michael season all over again!

Anyway here’s where I’m heading in June!

My first new destination of the month is Dubai! I’ve been bidding for this since we got the route at the beginning of May as my aunt and uncle live there (one works for Emirates and one for Etihad!) As much as I am very much looking forward to seeing them and being shown around, it’s reaching over 40 degrees heat out there right now and I’m scared for my poor porcelain skin ha! It is also Ramadan for around another week so it will be interesting to experience that let of the culture!

I’m then going back to the Training Centre at Heathrow to take the course which makes me eligible to fly on the Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner. I am so excited to be licensed on this aircraft as it opens up a load more new destinations that I can start bidding for, yay!

And here they are.. my monthly Tel Aviv’s! This is the 3rd month in a row that I have 2 trips to Tel Aviv – I might start learning Israeli! They are both 12 hour rest periods over there this time, so just enough time to sleep, eat and gym before heading home!

I also have a mini 2 day eurotour which sees me have a nightstop in Milan. I have been to Milan so many times and still have friends there from when I lived in Italy for a few month but unfortunately we arrive late at night and leave at lunch the following day which means that they will be at work when I am free.

I then have my first Standby Block I’ve had for a while – I’ve been quite lucky to dodge them for a good few months now! My report covers the Johannesburg trip which means if someone doesn’t turn up then I will be put on the flight immediately as I will already be waiting at the airport with an old Nokia Standby phone waiting for them to call me!

And my finally trip of the month is my second new destination and my first time to Canada! I am heading to Calgary for 24 hours (on the Dreamliner) and I can’t wait! I would love to take a car to Lake Louise or Banff as it will be gorgeous there in the summer months but I’m also happy to explore the city of nobody else wants to do that!

So another month with new destinations and some exciting trips! Check in with my Instagram stories where I’ll take you with me on each trip, showing you what my hotel rooms are like (including the view), where I eat, what workouts I do and what touristy things I get up to!

As always, if you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments!

May Roster

May Roster

Hello Everyone!

I cannot believe we are in the 5th month of the year already! May is my favourite month of the year for one reason – it’s my birthday month woo! (Yes I celebrate for a whole month like a Birthday Princess ha!)

Anyway, another busy but good month for me, once again, I’m quite pleased with my roster – the roster gods must be looking down on me!

So where am I off to….

I kick off the month tonight with my first of 2 x Johannesburg trips (surprise, surprise!) I haven’t been since I took Guy in the middle of March and that was quite a busy trip, so I am actually looking forward to these trips. My friend Ria from training and a lovely girl who messaged me on Instagram are both on this first trip tonight – it’s nice to fly with people you already know so I’m looking forward to this one! The second trip is at the end of the month and it is a Team Trip! I’m looking forward to flying and spending time bonding with my team and finally putting more faces to names!

I then have 6 days off, woohoo! This means I have the whole of the first Bank Holiday off, which just so happens to fall on Guy’s birthday, so I am taking him away to Budapest for the weekend as I completely fell in love with the city when I got to visit on my eurotour last month! I am actually really looking forward to being a passenger for once – even if it’s only for a couple of hours!

I then have a couple of days of Annual Leave for my lovely friend from university’s Hen Do! (This summer is full of hen do’s and weddings but I’m not complaining!)

Once I get back from the Hen Do I then head off on one of my 2 x Tel Aviv trips – I seem to get at least 1 every month a the minute but I don’t mind as the flights are short and the beach is nice! The other Tel Aviv trip comes at the end of the month just before my Jo’burg Team Trip.

Once I get back from Tel Aviv, I head straight off to Bologna for 2 nights! I fell in love with Italy when I lived there for a few months at the beginning of 2016 and taught kids drama and English (and ate all the carbs!) I can’t wait for an Italian pizza/pasta/probably both!

My final destination for the month is San Diego which is a new destination for me and I am so excited! I have bid for San Diego for a couple of months now and I am so excited that I have finally been given one! We get almost 2 full days in the city and I can’t wait to exploring! Please send me all of your recommendations for things to do/see/eat in San Diego!

Oh, I also have my Birthday off too which falls on the second bank holiday weekend – so let’s hope Guy has a lovely surprise planned for me! (I know you will have read this so take this as a hint! HA!)

Have a lovely month and enjoy both Bank Holiday weekends!


April Roster

April Roster

Hello everyone!

I hope your all had a lovely Easter, wherever you are/were in the world!

Work/life has been so busy recently that I’ve been a bit rubbish with my posts – I have so much to write that I just need a couple of days to sit down and get it all written up! But I promise I will get back to the weekly posts from now on!

So we’re already into April but I haven’t had my first trip yet – it’s a busy month for me with 4 new destinations so here’s where I’m jetting off to!

This month I bid for weekends off (and I have two whole weekends off!) long haul trips and a buddy bid to fly with my friend, which unfortunately didn’t happen but I’m pretty happy with the roster I do have!

So, this evening I’m off to my first new destination, Boston! The timings of the flights mean that I get a whole day and 2 local nights in Boston and I can’t wait to go and explore, even if the weather is not much better than the UK!

I’m then heading back to Bangkok which I can’t wait for! Last time I was there I packed in as much as I could because I wasn’t sure when I would next get to visit so I think I’ll take this trip a bit slower! I definitely will go for a Thai massage and I’m also looking into perhaps doing a half day Thai cooking class too! Let me know if you have any other recommendations for cool and quirky things to do in Bangkok!

My second and third destinations are part of a Eurotour in which I have afternoons in Prague and Budapest – I have a good amount of time in both of these cities, arriving around midday/1pm and not leaving until the next morning on both days! I have been to Prague before about 10 years ago so I can’t really remember too much but I’m looking forward to exploring both European cities on this tour!

My fourth and final new destination this month is Atlanta! My boyfriend spent a weekend here when he lived in America and loved the city (he’s very jealous that I’m going) so I can’t wait to explore! The only thing I have planned is visiting Coca-Cola World but apart from that I think I’ll just wander round and explore the city on foot!

I finish the month with 2 Available Days (which could change to anything!) and a Team Day at the company head quarters – I haven’t met any of my team yet apart from my manager so it will be nice to finally meet everyone!

April also sees me (hopefully) complete my Charity Abseil for Flying Start! There’s still time to sponsor me and you can find the link to do so in one of my previous blogs! If not, feel free to drop me a message and I can send you the link to the sponsorship page.

Have a lovely month everyone, let’s hope we see some sunshine soon!

March Roster

March Roster

I’m coming to the end of my 2 week annual leave block and I actually cannot wait to get back to the skies! I was lucky enough to be off work when the awful ‘Beast from the East’ hit the UK but it did keep me indoors more than I would have liked to be – but I suppose it’s been good to let my body catch up on sleep and have a bit of normality for a while. I am SO ready for some sun though, which is good because March looks like it will be full of it!

This month I bid for Doha (again) and Venice nightstops – I wasn’t too fussed on where I went this, I just fancied somewhere new!

So, where am I going??

I start and end March in the same place – Tel Aviv. This was my bid for February, so I guess they thought I must have liked it – which I did! Some people hate this trip as the flights can be very full and challenging, but I must have been lucky as my last trip there wasn’t too bad! I’m looking forward to a lovely long walk down the beach again, some more amazing food and hopefully a trip to Jerusalem on the second trip at the end of the month!

After my first Tel Aviv trip, I head straight over to Abuja – a new destination for me to tick off. We aren’t allowed out of the hotel here so I will be sampling the gym and hotel room service here! I may try a little sunbathing – however, I already know that my poor English skin doesn’t cope well in the African sun and we have to wear strong mosquito repellent due to the bugs there, so I might just look at the sun through my window!

I wouldn’t be an A380 crew member without a trip to Johannesburg would I?! I am really looking forward to being back in South Africa this time – with a month of no trips here, it’s made me re-appreciate (is that a word!?) just how lucky we are to have this destination! Another reason I am so looking forward to this trip is because I can finally run my first international parkrun! I have been waiting for a trip with Saturday morning of in Jo’burg so I can go and run the Lone Hill course and now I finally can! Not holding out for any PB’s as I think my body will be in shock running in 30 degree heat after the freezing cold UK runs I have been doing recently!

I then have a block of 3 x Available Days, which usually change at 7pm the night before the first day. I’m hoping to get a trip across the pond to the US as I could do with stocking up on some American skincare, culture and food of course! Keep an eye on my instagram to find out where I end up.

My final trip of the month should have been my top bid – Doha! However, in the news, it looks like the airline has cancelled all it’s flights to Qatar from the 25th March – my trip was the 27th, boo! It is still on my roster  and I haven’t heard any official word yet, but I’m not holding my breath and won’t be surprised if it gets changed closer to the time. The good news is that it looks like the flights could be reinstated from July so fingers crossed that I can bid for it again in the Summer months! Again – keep an eye on my instagram page to find out where I end up.

All in all, a sun filled March and a few surprises! If you have anything you think I must do in any of these destinations then please do let me know! As always, roster questions will always be answered the best I can! Have a wonderful March wherever you are in the world!


Annual Leave – Challenge Charlotte

Annual Leave – Challenge Charlotte

I have 15 days off flying. What do most people do when they have Annual Leave? Go on holiday right?! Well not me – I run!

So if you were following me on Instagram last summer then you will see that I set myself my first ever Challenge Charlotte whilst I was waiting to start my Cabin Crew training. The challenge was that I had 7 days to complete 5 runs of 5km or more! I managed to complete it by running four 5kms and one 10km.


This year the time scale is a bit longer so I have decided to make the minimum distance a bit shorter and vary it a little bit. So here it is..

15 days of Annual Leave
Run 2 miles minimum for 10 day
At least five 3.1 mile (5km) runs
At least two 6.2 mile (10km) runs

Easy right?! For some yes, but my running has taken a bit of a back seat from where it was this time last year, so I am hoping that this will bring me back up to speed and by writing it here makes me accountable to actually get up and do it!

Have you ever challenged yourself to anything? Let me know in the comments.