February Roster

February Roster

So this week we got our rosters for February. We always get them 12 days before the end of the month at 10pm – although the system tends to crash at 10pm when thousands of Mixed Fleet crew try to log in at the same time, so it’s usually 11pm before you can really see any hint of a roster!

We also have a bidding system in which we can state our preferences of places we would like/not like to fly to, days we would prefer off and times of the day we would prefer to start/finish. We can then put these preferences in order to show which we would prefer to have the most. Not everything is granted and we are always told not to try and write our own rosters otherwise we would be disappointed.

This month I decided to bid for Doha – as I’ve never been to the Middle East and would love to check it out! My next bid was a 3 or 4 day Tel Aviv trip – again, I fancied something different and want to check out the city and the culture. I also nearly always bid for a nightstop in a European city, usually changing the destination each month – this month I chose Venice!

After doing 6 Johannesburg trips on the A380 since the beginning of December, I was praying for a break from them! Not because I don’t like the place – don’t get me wrong the hotel is stunning, the weather is gorgeous and the steak is to die for – but I just wanted a bit more variety and, like most people who want to/do become cabin crew, I want to see the world!

So, this is where I am heading in February…

Miami x2 – On the A380 again ha! Miami can be a difficult trip with the packed flights, time difference and only 24 hours in the city before leaving again, but I actually really like it there! I flew to Miami quite a lot when I first started so have made a couple of friends there that I am looking forward to seeing πŸ™‚

For my first trip, I actually fly out on 31st Jan but I guess it counts for Feb! And I also have a team trip to Miami which I’m looking forward to as I haven’t met any of my team yet – apart from my manager!

A Eurotour – this is where we are technically away for 3 or 4 days but keep flying in and out of Heathrow to different European cities – in this case, I have 8 flights over 3 days and it can often be more exhausting than a long haul trip!

On this Eurotour I will fly to Manchester, Vienna, Belfast and Warsaw – with the nightstop being in Vienna and Belfast. I have visited Belfast before but was so tired I just went for a nap, swim and Nando’s! So this time I might actually venture out. I only have about 12 hours in Vienna but I’m determined to at least have a little walk around and find somewhere for dinner as it will be my first time there – hopefully my crew will want to do the same!

I also am back in the training centre for 2 days this month as I am Training to deliver the service in Club World (Business Class). I’m looking forward to this although I have to admit that I have already worked in business class a number of times already due to there being a lack of people trained in it on various trips! But this training will give me a bit more variety of where I work on the plane which will be nice.

My final trip of the month is the 3 day Tel Aviv that I bid for (yay!) – a lot of people don’t like this trip but I’m looking forward to exploring somewhere new!

I then start my second lot of Annual Leave this year – I know it’s only February ha! – I will have 2 weeks off in total, 1 and a bit in Feb and just under a week in March. I looked into going away but right now I can’t really afford it (I need to pay my credit cards/bank of Parents back!) so I’m just going to have some chill time, lots of gym time and running and hopefully see catch up with friends! It can be pretty hard to have a proper social life in this job but I’ve always worked all the hours and not ever had a conventional job/life/social life so not that much has changed haha!

Anyway I’ve rambled on – thanks for reading if you have managed to read this far without getting bored and feel free to ask any questions about rosters/flying etc in the comments. I’d also love to hear any tips or recommendations you have for any of these destinations!